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Phil's published work explores new angles and lighting. His unique creativity and experience is reflected in a professional approach to client's requirements.



surfer carwyn williams 

1986 -Working in London for several years meant the return to Wales and its stunning scenery, surf and lively ambience was a welcome contrast . At this time a new magazine on surfing-The 'Edge' was my focus and later 'Surf' magazine.

PR work at this time included Sports and Youth Foundations. Newspaper coverage included the Guardian, Sunday Times and London Illustrated News. more surfing at http://www.surfsup-mag.co.uk

lake at oxwich

aerial view of windsurfer

The Gower Peninsula opened the way for developing my interests in the environment. A substantial library of nature and sea scape images was added to my action sports and travel collection.

hang glider gower
alla ction wind and surf by phil holden

The 80's saw a surge in interest for photos for magazines such as Boards and Windsurf . In 1988 My book All Action Wind and Surf was published by Waylands .This book lead to more editorial work with magazines such as Outdoors Illustrated as well as advertising for Sports Hardware companies and Youth Adventure Sports Activity centres.

canoeists - pgl
sarah bentley  surfer

By the 90's a broadening client base included the City and County of Swansea , fashion and sports companies, publications such as GQ magazine, Carve , 360 and the Stormrider Guides.

swansea bay festval composite shot

Susequently the Green Art Project and Ecofest Swansea took my developing interest in Art in The Environment further. This has since developed into photography for the environmental art group Sculpture by the sea uk



mountain biker neath valley

hands on photos

2006-2009 Photography for Visit Wales,Sculpture by the Sea, Chalcroft (Progress photos), Orca publications, www.surfsup-mag.co.uk


Surf Science published in USA (as well as UK).Promotional photography coastal pathways,interiors,web sites and leaflets

Artists sculptures.Landscapes,

School groups and workshops








Marina Alabau Neira



2012 /2013

Accredited Photographer at the Olympics. Development photos for Websites, Sponsored Exhibitions,Press and Brochure work


Studio Products


Sir Ben Ainslie



Components on factory floor under mixed lighting

Event surf photography at Aberavon benefited from some mid summer surf and sunshine (right)


Gower Landscapes


Quotes available on request

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